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Registration Procedure for Indian Beacons

The registration of 406 MHz distress Beacon is mandatory with INMCC as per national (DG Shipping and DGCA) and international (IMO, ICAO) regulations.It is free of charge and the help is extended with no loss of time in case of distress. Non-registration and inadvertent activation of beacons may be subjected to necessary disciplinary action. Beacon registration data includes primary and alternate emergency points of contact that SAR forces can call when a distress signal is received. Additional information is also included. For EPIRBs the vessel name, type, length, color, capacity and homeport are listed as well as type of communication equipment and call sign. For ELTs, the aircraft number, make, model, colour, capacity and home airport/FBO are listed. Both registration forms also contain room for additional information that may help locate the vessel or aircraft sooner. The registration of beacon helps discriminate false alarms quickly saving SAR resources and efforts by the SAR forces. The registration information is stored securely at the INMCC and used only for search and rescue purposes.